The Best Way to Use RouteNote to Distribute Your Music for Free and Earn Money from YouTube and SoundCloud

Getting your music out there can be difficult as an independent music artist. However, with the right tools, you can easily distribute your music for free and start earning money from YouTube and SoundCloud. RouteNote is a great platform that helps artists achieve their goals by giving them access to digital distribution channels like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, and more. It’s also a great way for Outlook India readers to get their music heard around the world without spending any money upfront.

What Is RouteNote?

RouteNote is a digital music distribution platform that allows independent artists to upload their songs or albums on major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and many more. The platform has been around since 2008 and has become one of the most popular ways for indie musicians to reach a global audience without having to pay for expensive promotion services or labels. With its simple sign-up process and no upfront costs involved, it’s an ideal option for those starting up in the industry or who have limited resources available.

How Can I Get Started?

Getting started with RouteNote is easy! All you need to do is sign up on their website with basic details such as name and email address then create an account using your preferred payment method; PayPal or Bank Transfer are both accepted. Once signed up you can begin uploading your tracks. You will need all relevant metadata associated with each song (title, artist name, etc.) along with cover artwork before submitting them into the system so they can be approved by streaming sites.

What Are The Benefits of Using Route Note?

One of the biggest advantages of using Route Note is that it’s completely free! Unlike other platforms that charge hefty commissions, this service doesn’t require any upfront payments, meaning that artists keep 100% of the royalties earned through sales/streaming – something that would otherwise require label support or costly promotional campaigns. Plus, once uploaded, your content is sent directly to multiple outlets including Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Shazam, and more, making it easier than ever to get your music out there.

How much money can I earn?

RouteNote offers two royalty payment models: ‘Free Mode’ where you keep all revenue generated from streams/downloads minus any deductions made by third parties (such as Apple & Spotify); or ‘Premium Mode’ where users pay a fee but receive higher rates per stream/download. Depending on which model you choose, earnings can range from 1 cent to 10 cents per stream/download, although this may vary by region. As well as single track downloads, there are also options available that allow fans to purchase entire albums at discounted prices, generating additional revenue.

How do I promote my content on YouTube & SoundCloud?

Gaining traction on YouTube & SoundCloud requires a lot of hard work, but fortunately Route Note makes things easier by providing marketing tools specific to these two outlets. By creating a bespoke page within their network, new releases are showcased across multiple channels, increasing visibility to potential fans, while links are added directly to the streaming services so users can listen/buy quickly and conveniently. They also offer bespoke advertising solutions to niche markets, allowing further exposure in areas most relevant to specific genres, and ensuring maximum reach throughout campaigns.

What other services does Route Note offer?

In addition to its existing features, Route Note offers additional services tailored to artists who want to take their careers even further! They offer direct licensing deals allowing creatives to license compositions directly, as well as setting up bespoke fan clubs giving members exclusive access including discounts, pre-sale opportunities, and much more! Finally, they provide detailed analytics that tracks performance trends across all platforms, highlighting what works best and providing insights that allow users to refine their strategies moving forward and exploit further monetization opportunities!


In conclusion, signing up with Service Note is beneficial for anyone looking to distribute their music globally without having to pay large sums upfront, whilst retaining full control of monetization rights. Providing multiple promotion options combined with comprehensive analytics & direct licensing agreements makes it one of the top choices when deciding how best to get heard around the world!