The 8 Things You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

Are you considering getting eyelash extensions in Oviedo? If so, before making the decision, here are 10 things you must know about eyelash extensions oviedo. Eyelash extensions can be a great way to enhance your look, but they take commitment and proper care to maintain.

1 . Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to eyelash extensions, many different types and styles are available so you can customize your look. The most common type is classic lashes, giving your lashes a subtle boost in length and fullness. Volume lashes offer more dramatic results with multiple lightweight lash extensions applied to one natural lash. Hybrid lashes combine both classic and volume for a fuller look. Lastly, Mega Volume creates an even bolder appearance with up to 6-7 lash fibers on one natural lash!

2 . Finding the right professional for your eyelash extension needs

Finding the right eyelash extension professional in Oviedo is essential for achieving the best possible results. Look for salons in your area that specialise in this service and read reviews from their previous clients to ensure quality workmanship before committing. A reputable technician should always use high quality products and follow strict safety protocols during application.

3 . Preparing for your appointment

Before you go to get your eyelash extensions, make sure that all traces of make-up have been removed from around your eyes, as well as any contact lenses or eye drops (if necessary). During the appointment, your technician may also trim any lashes that are too long before application, so come with clean washed hair free of styling products such as hairspray or gel.

4 . How long will the lashes last?

With proper application and care, a single set of semi-permanent lashes will typically last between four and eight weeks, depending on your own natural cycle of lash growth and shedding and how often you wear make-up around your eyes. To increase longevity, be gentle when touching them (use a spoolie brush), avoid rubbing or pulling, never sleep facing down, use oil-free make-up remover, avoid steam rooms or saunas, avoid water within 24 hours of application, etc.

5 . What if I want to remove them?  

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions sooner than expected due to discomfort or for any other reason, it’s important to find an experienced technician who can do this safely without damaging your natural lashes. Most professionals recommend using a specially formulated adhesive remover, followed by thorough cleansing – never attempt removal yourself! This procedure should only be carried out by someone familiar with professional techniques associated with lash enhancement such as regular refills or new sets etc.

6 . Should I avoid certain activities after having my lashes done?    

In order to maintain healthy looking lashes after treatment, it is advised that activities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, heavy exercise while wearing mascara, yoga classes, hot showers, steam rooms etc. should be avoided altogether as this could lead to premature shedding, loss of curl retention, shortened life span, overall aesthetic desired effects etc.

7 . Are there any side effects associated with eyelash extensions? 

Although these services appear relatively harmless, some people experience side effects such as mild swelling, redness, irritation, itching, blurred vision, etc. In rare cases, severe allergic reactions occur that can cause permanent damage, which is why it’s important to consult a doctor immediately if you experience any unusual symptoms after having your eyelashes done.

8 . Care tips to keep your lashes looking fabulous!  

When caring for your newly enhanced set, remember that less is more Always use oil-free foaming cleansers Specially formulated cleansing brushes Gently remove debris Dirt build-up along the eye line Avoid tugging, pulling or brushing too hard Brush too hard Comb daily with fingers Apply a small amount of conditioner Nourish, moisturize follicles Prevent breakage Don’t forget to take a break between touch-ups Fill up every few weeks Allow the natural cycle to run its course – not only preserving current health but also saving money in the long run!


Eyelash extensions in Oviedo can be a great way to enhance your beauty, but understanding what’s involved beforehand is key part of the process. Knowing the different types available, finding the right professional, preparing for your appointment, and learning about duration, side effects and maintenance tips will all help you make an informed decision and achieve gorgeous glamorous results!