Step By Step Guide On How A Person Can Clean The Beaker Bong In An Effective Manner

Beaker bongs are some of the most popular types of bongs out there. They’re cheap, easy to make and they look great in your home or on your patio. But you know what? The first couple of hits from a beaker are pretty rough for many people. You might have heard that it takes a while to get used to the harshness of an all-glass bong. And if you’ve smoked a lot with glass bongs before, then you definitely know this feeling well. For whatever reason, not everyone is able to get over the initial shock of a beaker bong. If you’re one of those people, then here are seven tips to help you enjoy your new piece of glassware! 

  1. Clean It 

The first thing you should do when you get your new beaker bong is clean it properly so that it doesn’t smell like smoke later. Start by soaking it in hot water, making sure the water covers the entire surface area of the bowl. Let the beaker bong soak for about 15 minutes. Then take it out and let it air dry overnight. Once it’s fully dried, you can start using it. 

The first thing that a person can do is to clean the heavy beaker bongs with the right option. A person will get the good results if they will use the high quality of the products. The main matter of concern is to go for the right option. A person can plan to choose the best option with the effective results.  There are varieties of heavy beaker bongs that are available

  1. Buy A Filter 

Before you even light up in your new beaker bong, you’ll need to buy a filter. There are several different kinds of filters available today, but for beginners, the most common option is probably a glass fiber filter. This type of filter is inexpensive and easy to find at any store that sells smoking supplies. 

  1. Light Up With Care 

Now that you’ve cleaned and bought your beaker bong, you’re ready to light up. Make sure you use quality tobacco, such as good pipe tobacco or high grade loose leaf blends. Also, make sure you put enough tobacco into the bowl of the beaker bong, because it will affect the way the smoke flows through the bong. 

  1. Choose Your Tobacco 

You won’t want to use anything too strong or overly aromatic, because these things can overpower the taste of the smoke. Instead, stick to milder tobaccos that don’t overwhelm your senses. Try pipe tobacco, which has a more subtle flavor; you can also try aromatics like peppermint or grapefruit. 

  1. Adjust The Temperature 

Adjusting the temperature of the smoke is actually very important, especially in the beginning stages. When you’re just starting out, the smoke coming out of your beaker bong might feel cool, but it’s still going to be very hot. To remedy this, you can either turn down the heat of your lighter or simply wait until the smoke starts getting warmer. 

  1. Experiment With Different Types Of Bowls 

Most people agree that the shape of the bowl is one of the biggest factors in how much you like your beaker bong. Some bowls are more rounded than others, while some are long and skinny. Some bowls have flat bottoms, while others have curved ones. Experiment with different shapes to see which ones work best for you. 

  1. Take Notes 

If you’re brand new to smoking, you should always keep track of your experience. Write down everything that you did and how it made you feel. This way, you can analyze your success rate and figure out what works for you. 

Also, keep track of your thoughts. Don’t just write down “it was good”, but rather try to record what triggered your positive feelings in each session. These things could be small details, like the way the smoke felt on your tongue or the scent of the tobacco. Or maybe it’s something bigger, like whether or not you enjoyed the social aspect of a particular session. All of these details are important, because they give you insight into how your mind functions while you’re smoking. 

Keep Track Of Your Progress 

As time goes on, you’ll be able to tell what kind of bowl gives you the most amount of satisfaction. Maybe you prefer a round, short bowl to a tall, narrow one, or vice versa. Or perhaps you love certain types of tobaccos that other people hate. But even when you’ve reached this point, it never hurts to find out what works best for you now.