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Luxury handbags – the pecking order of exotic leathers

  • What luxury handbag do I buy to take advantage of it for several seasons?
  • Will this bag be a passing trend?
  • Which model, brand and design should I choose to display my status?
  • Does this bag size fit me well?
  • With what am I going to combine it?
  • Where am I going to take it?

Among many questions, these are the most prominent for most of the women. However, it is inevitable to ask yourself these questions, because we know the importance of accessories to build an image, a style or a specific look. Our wardrobe not only includes the basics, but also a necessary minimum of bags for every occasion. Remember that each model of bag has its function.

A luxury, designer handbag is an accessory that complements our image. Exotic leather HG bags online combines well with most of the clothes in our wardrobe. It is also important that it be of good quality because we do not buy the bag only for one season of the year. We buy it to serve us several seasons at least.

Exotic leather, branded handbags

For this reason, we have put together a small list of luxury, branded leather bags that we must have in our closet.

Tote leather handbag

Everyday leather tote bag is a universal bag, no doubt. You can take it both to the office, corporate meetings, get together, and to the casual party. You can carry everything you need. Today, the daily bag is designed by practically all brands and there is a great variety of models and styles. The daily bag combines very well with any classic and feminine look.

Shoulder leather bag

Messenger bag is another name for this bag. All small and medium-sized bags that are hung over the shoulder with a long strap fall into this category. This leather bag is often used to walk around and explore the city. It is why it should not be big. Here you can fit all the little things you need, such as a mobile phone, keys, etc. It goes well with practically any look.

Shopper leather handbag

Shopper bag is a rectangular bag made of soft leather and with a minimalist design in its classic version. Today, there are many different versions of this bag model – in trendy colors and with current details. While the daily bag is more formal and demanding when it comes to creating an image and choosing a style, the shopper bag can be used with any combination. It is such a perfect bag.

Iconic leather bag, a style icon

When we talk about basic handbags in our wardrobe, we cannot ignore an iconic bag from the most emblematic Fashion Houses. As befits a classic, you can take it everywhere and at all times. It combines with everything. If you cannot get an original, pay attention to very similar bag models from more affordable brands. Although you can find them in any color, it is always better to opt for basic colors such as black, white or red.

Clutch leather handbag, minimal and elegant

Clutch is a small, solid, soft leather design, luxury handbag. It is normally carried in the hand or under the arm. Practically all models of this type of bag already come with the strap. Keep in mind that it is a bag for events and meetings. Light colors are recommended for the day and darker tones for the night. At night, you can take it for a cocktail, dinner or any activity. Small and with renewed shapes, these HG bags online models will accompany you in your most special moments and never go out of style.

Fanny packs and belt leather bag

Some women still have fresh memories of must-have accessories from the 90. One of them is undoubtedly the fanny pack. It was a small black zippered leather bag. Now these bags are back in fashion becoming one of the main trends for the coming seasons. Of course, they have changed significantly, they have become stylish, but they have not lost their practical function. They are still great for storing little things. Designers propose to wear the fanny pack at the waist. These models are designed to help you elevate your look.

Mini leather handbag, colorful and joyful

The main difference of the mini leather handbags is their resemblance to their elder siblings – shoulder leather bags. In their mini version, they look as cute as a Barbie doll. At first, there have been a number of doubts related to the miniature fashion trend. It helps eliminate the clutter. As we are not going to put many things there, it will be a very useful handbag. Carry your phone, money, and keys in your mini bag, so you do not have to dig deep. It should be remembered that the myth that the color of the bag has to be the same as that of the shoes has already passed into history.