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Learn More About Polydioxanone Thread Face Lifting

If you choose to go for a thread lift procedure then this will be helpful to tighten your skin. It can be less fussy than face lifting surgery. In this treatment, there is the use of polyester sutures. This helps in rejuvenating your skin and gives lifting to the shagged skin. PDO is one of the threads that is used in the lifting procedure. The PDO thread lift cost depends on what variety of thread you choose in it. In this article, information about PDO thread lift is given.

What happens in the treatment?

In PDO treatment there are threads that can be used to give an uplifting effect. There is some presence of structures on your skin cells that produce more collagen. The threads are made up of polyester and are colorless which breakdown down the body after around six months. All three types of threads are inserted. All three threads have their own specialty.

The thread treatment is mostly used for the areas such as the face and neck or cheeks. The results are not as good as face lifting surgeries but thread lifting is commonly used as an anti-aging treatment. The procedure is as follows:

  • In this surgery, you would have to sit on the surgeon’s chair and they will disinfect your face. After that, they will apply local anesthesia on the skin to numb the skin.
  • Then the surgeon will use another needle and insert a device named a cannula in a small hole.
  • Later there will be the threads placed into the cannula.
  • In the end, the threads will be cut making sure that they do not seem much on the face.

Symptoms when you choose this treatment

When a person chooses to go for PDO thread lift surgery there will be some symptoms initially. If you ignore this they can become a complication. These symptoms include

  • Visible sutures on the treatment area
  • A bit of a pain in the treatment area
  • Some bruising
  • Some people also may get infection and inflammation
  • In some cases, it can cause salivary gland injury.

Recovery and aftercare of the treatment

The recovery time is very less when you go through a PDO thread lift surgery. Remind me of some swelling on your face for 2 to 3 days but your face will return in a better way after some time.

Avoid touching and rubbing your face in order to prevent the thread from this logging. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol during those days of recovery. New also may avoid some physical activities and exercises for some days. Make sure that you sleep in the correct position and avoid rolling. Take care of the symptoms, if they are unbearable then consult your dermatologist immediately.

This cosmetic treatment is widely used by most people to uplift their faces. In this procedure, the threads later dissolve in the skin. It is a comparatively cheaper facelift surgery where is the results are not much long-lasting.