Harold Matzner: From Hollywood Executive to Philanthropic Leader

Few people can say they have succeeded in their professional and philanthropic endeavors, but Harold Matzner is one of those few. A longtime Hollywood executive and successful businessman, he has since dedicated himself to giving back to his community through a variety of charitable organizations. This is the story of Harold Matzner’s journey from Hollywood executive to philanthropic leader. To discover more about his inspiring life story, you can click here to read more.

Early in his career, Harold was an agent for the talent agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency). He worked with some of the biggest stars in entertainment, helping them to achieve career success. He then moved into production, producing films such as The Iron Giant and Unfaithful. As his career progressed, he became involved in business development and acted as a consultant to various film production companies.

The key to Harold Matzner’s success

Throughout his time in the entertainment industry, Harold developed relationships with many influential people who were also committed to giving back to their communities – planting the seed for him to eventually embark on his own philanthropic journey. In 2010, after more than three decades in Hollywood, he retired from active involvement and shifted his focus to full-time philanthropy.

The philanthropist within

Harold has always had a passion for helping others and improving the world. His first foray into philanthropy began shortly after his retirement when he established the Harold Matzner Charitable Foundation in 2011, with a mission to “improve the quality of life by providing support focused on health, education, and social services in our local communities”. Since then, he has donated millions of dollars to charities throughout Southern California – from healthcare providers such as the Desert AIDS Project & FIND Food Bank to educational institutions such as College of the Desert & San Diego State University – as well as many others throughout California & Mexico.

Giving back through education

Education has always been close to Harold’s heart; he believes it is the key to creating productive citizens who will help build strong communities around us all – something that resonated deeply with him during his years growing up in Detroit & later New York City. To further this cause, he has established two scholarships at College Of The Desert that is awarded annually based on academic achievement and community service; these scholarships provide much-needed financial assistance to students attending or planning to attend college, regardless of age or background, giving them access to higher learning opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Making a lasting impact through leadership

One way Harold gives back is by using the leadership skills he has honed over more than 30 years in Hollywood – by offering advice and guidance whenever possible, through mentorship programs such as MyPath USA – whose mission is “to increase graduation rates among low-income high school students by connecting them with mentors who can provide a real-world experience”, or through board positions with non-profit organizations such as School On Wheels Inc., the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, or even the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where he has served as Chairman since 2007, helping to raise funds each year so that filmmakers from around the world can showcase their work right here at home.

Making dreams come true

It’s not just about giving money though – sometimes it’s about giving experiences; volunteering at homeless shelters or granting special wishes to terminally ill children through organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation are other ways Mr. Matzner likes to give back without expecting anything in return other than knowing you’ve made someone else’s life better than it was before they came into contact with yours.

Ongoing commitment to helping others

No matter how busy things get, Mr. Matzner doesn’t slow down when it comes to charitable causes; if anything, his commitment only grows stronger every day. He continues to strive to make a difference not only locally, but globally as well – taking part in initiatives addressing issues ranging from climate change to global hunger and malnutrition worldwide.

Bottom line

Harold Matzner’s journey from Hollywood executive to philanthropic leader shows that there are no limits to achieving success and giving back to society at large. His tireless commitment to helping those most in need should serve as an inspiration to us all – proving that we can reach unimaginable heights while never forgetting those around us who could benefit from our efforts.