Get The Knowledge About Nursing Assistant’s Salary

A Nursing Assistant is a paraprofessional individual who assists doctors and medical professionals in providing health care to individuals with mental disabilities and physical disabilities in their activities of daily life. Nursing assistants provide direct health care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. These assistants help with daily tasks such as eating, bathing, grooming, walking, and others.

Skills of nursing assistant

A Nursing assistant should have some required skills:

  1. A Nursing assistant should have strong attention to detail.
  2. A Nursing assistant should have good communication skills so that they can help individuals with ease. Clear and direct counseling will help the patients to ask for help.
  3. A Nursing assistant should have patience.
  4. A Nursing assistant should be empathetic and compassionate.
  5. They should have proper knowledge of medical terminology.
  6. Nursing assistants should have flexibility in their schedules. They may have to work either all day long or need to work in shifts.
  7. A Nursing assistant may run into difficult and negative situations. They should have a positive attitude about the circumstances.

Qualifications for nursing assistant

A health care assistant should have good literacy and numerical knowledge. The employers may also ask for some health care qualifications. They should have some experience in the fieldwork. There is a demand for certified nursing care assistants to take care of disabled patients who need extra care in their routine activities.

Diploma as the nursing care assistant

A diploma in nursing care assistant is a degree diploma course of 2 years in which one learns about nursing health care skills with knowledge. The students learn about the basics of nursing assistant, community disease, and skills that require professional medical knowledge. The top medical institute of India also provides courses for medical and nursing care assistant training.

The minimum qualification required for the diploma is the 10th standard. The course fees may be Rs. 2000- Rs 1,50,000. 

Salary of nursing assistant

Nursing assistant’s salary depends on the working hours and difficulty of work. A Nursing assistant in India may expect a good salary. The 

average nursing assistant’s salary may be Rs. 2 lakh if they have proper training. The employment sector of nursing care assistants is private and govt. hospitals, NGOs, nursing homes, healthcare system clinics, and CHCs. The job profiles may vary as emergency nurses, nursing health in charge, community health centers, and infection control officers. 

Task of Nursing assistant

A Nursing assistant has to perform the task is providing personal care to patients. They help the patients with daily hygienic work such as bathing and dressing. They help the patients with toilet functions such as conventional toilets and bedpans and toilet bags. 

A nursing assistant provides medical assistance at homes and hospitals. One may get assistance through online platforms and offline services. 

Conclusion : 

The nursing care assistant plays an essential role in taking care of patients. Being health care assistants, they are assets to the nation. They are important for nation-building.