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Flowers And Their Hidden Meaning: Express True Emotions With Flowers 

Expressing emotions at times can be quite difficult, as one may feel that words may not suffice and may not convey the deepest emotions in the right way. This is where flowers come. Flowers tend to have a certain tendency to express emotions that words may not do. Whether it is love, happiness, friendship, affection, flowers are way more than capable of making one know what the other might be feeling. One can also send some love with condolence flowers to the ones grieving. 


Floriography is the study of flower language. During the queen Victoria era, flowers were studied just as flora but as a language to express feelings. During that time, communication could not be that easy and open. Therefore, flowers served as a great way to send messages. There are thousands of flowers, each varying shape, size, color, fragrance, etc. These variations are more like words and symbols that can express feelings to the person. 

Different flowers for different emotions

Every emotion can be emoted in a different way using a certain flower:

  • For friendship: Friendship can be of many types, and at times, one might express friendship differently. Blue salvia, zinnias, white clovers are friends who are far away. While wishing friends joy and happiness, yellow rises can be given. Also, alstroemerias are perfect choices for those wishing wealth for their friends. 
  • For love: Love is a complex emotion and needs to be expressed at various stages. Red is usually the color of love, and that is red tulips and roses are a common choice for a love declaration. Carnations are a great choice as well. Pink is for unforgettable love, red for deepest love, and white for pure love. Honeysuckle, red salvias and heliotropes are also given to declare eternal love. 
  • For showing gratitude and admiration: One can feel gratitude and admiration for many people in their life. Hydrangea is a great way to show gratitude and also apologize. Lavender and irises are also meant to show gratitude, hope, and respect for the person it is sent to. One can send blue or purple irises to express hope, wish someone wisdom and a bright future.  

  • New beginnings: When it comes to new beginnings, sending one best wishes is a great way to celebrate the occasion. However, other than a simple wish, one can send a bouquet for flowers that express and send the message of best of luck, warm wishes, and prosperity for the new future. Myrtles and peonies are perfect for wishing one a happy married life. Dahlias are a great way to celebrate new careers and beginnings and celebrate strong between two people like anniversaries. Daffodils are also a great choice for celebrating new beginnings. 
  • For remembrance: To send condolences and share sorrow and grief, one can send flowers to the grieving family and friends. Gladiolus, pansies, Asclepias, and verbena are common flowers that express grief, sorrow, and remembrance and send some love with condolence flowers

Flowers are a great way to show one true feeling that words cannot determine. One can show their true love, regret, admiration, and sadness, all through these delicate flowers that hold a lot deeper meaning than talked about.