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Five Expert Guidance Tips For First Date

Going on a first date can feel quite intimidating for some people. You want to make a good first impression without coming on too strong or disinterested. You want to appear clever, funny, and attractive all at once so the person in front can be interested in a second one. If all these questions are bubbling up in your mind then don’t worry. This blog will provide you with guidance on how to act on a first date so it can be a memorable one.

Wardrobe selection

Before you even hold a conversation with the person, it’s your outfit that is going to do the talking for you. Always wear clean and pressed form-fitting clothes. You don’t want to go overboard so go for the minimal which seems classy yet simple. The location also plays a huge factor in it so if you are going to a fancy restaurant then opt for a little fancy wear. Otherwise, your daily to-go clothes are enough.

Make conversation two-sided

While the purpose of the first date is to let the other person know about you, you need to avoid constantly babbling as nothing is a bigger turnoff than this. These types of people can come off as too self-absorbed and no one wants to grab another bite with them. You should always make the other person feel included and ask general questions about their life. In doing so, you will show that you are interested in getting to know them and in return pique their curiosity in you as well.

Physical contact

Experts say that touching should be as minimum as possible on the first date. It shows that you want to know them as a person without getting too grabby as it can make another person uncomfortable. Keep all the contact light and friendly to build up the anticipation for the next one.

Don’t try too hard

Don’t fake it because you cannot make it. Don’t try to appear too clever as there is a fine line between this and bragging. For boys who want to know how to get a girl please don’t try to act too cool. Those cheesy movie dialogues and actions don’t work well in real life. Instead, try to highlight your strengths and stay as authentic as possible. People always love honesty the most.


You should avoid using lecherous words and opt for simple compliments that can make the other person feel special without making them uncomfortable. A neat trick for this is that you can offer compliments based on their traits instead of their appearance. For example, you have a great sense of humor, or you have a very brilliant mind, and so on. Praising the characteristics of a person can show that you are into them for more than skin deep and it can potentially turn into more.

Lastly, the only thing you need to remember is don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself as it is not a mundane task. Be yourself, smile, and take it as a casual fun time.