Fashion Modeling A Stylish Career

Fashion modeling involves a lot of rigorous training and is a difficult industry to break into. You can give yourself a significant advantage by earning a degree in fashion modeling or attending a modeling school.

Training for the Runway There is no easy road to becoming a successful professional fashion model, but earning a degree in fashion modeling can help you. Proper training in fashion modeling will help you improve your appearance and develop your own ‘fashion sense.’ Training in fashion modeling will give you a chance to find the right type of fashion modeling for you. A fashion modeling degree will also give you the chance to build your portfolio and composite card, which you will use when you go for a job interview or casting call.

Beyond Fashion Basics Fashion school can also help you beyond just strutting your stuff on the runway. Fashion modeling training will teach you what to look for in a professional photographer, and you’ll discover how to select the different photo shoots you will have in your portfolio. You will learn how to apply to fashion modeling agencies, which will help you obtain contacts and work in the fashion modeling industry.

Finding the Right Fashion Modeling Career As a professional fashion model, you may work in runway modeling, catalog modeling, showroom modeling, fit modeling, tradeshow modeling, or print advertisements. The day-to-day routine of a professional fashion model can be rigorous, and you will likely attend many auditions and casting calls before landing a job in the industry. In fashion modeling, you may also have opportunities to travel all over the world or work with some of the industry’s most renowned fashion professionals.

Fashion Earnings Fashion modeling can be a very lucrative profession, but like many high-profile professions, there are discrepancies in salaries amongst professional fashion models. As per oshare kei, a professional fashion model can make between $15,000 and $50,000 a year; the lowest-paid ten percent earn less than $13,000 a year and the highest-paid 10 percent earn in the millions.