Everything You Need to Know and More About Visiting Stonehenge

While the world’s most famous prehistoric monument, Stonehenge, lies in England, it is just one of many ancient wonders throughout Europe and North America. If you’re planning a vacation to England or elsewhere, here are some helpful tips on how to plan your trip to Stonehenge. 

The first thing you need to do if you want to visit Stonehenge is to book your tickets online. The Stonehenge website allows you to reserve tickets online up to 60 days prior to your arrival date, but if you want an even earlier booking, contact them directly by phone at 0844 571 6666. You should also check their Web site before reserving your tickets because while they do book tours by appointment, sometimes those appointments fill quickly. This means that some people must wait months for a tour to become available. 

When you arrive in England, you’ll notice that there are several different ways to get around the country. If you would like to see as much of England as possible during your stay, consider renting a car, which can be done through Hertz in London. If you don’t have a car already, Hertz will give you a free rental when you book your hotel accommodations. Renting a car is usually cheaper than hiring a taxi, so if you’re staying near a city center, this may be the best way to go. 

If you’d rather not rent a car, consider taking public transportation. There are frequent bus services between major cities and towns in England, such as London, York, Nottingham, Bath, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham and more. Tickets are very inexpensive and easy to purchase from the websites listed above. If you’re traveling with someone who has a vehicle, ask him or her to drop you off at a train station near where you’re going to stay. 

When you’ve booked your flights and hotel room, pack light. It’s all too easy to overpack these days, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Pack only what you absolutely need, whether it’s clothes or toys. Also remember that some hotels charge extra for towels and toiletries, so bring extras if you can. 

One good tip for visiting Stonehenge is to use the Google Earth satellite view to help you plan your itinerary. While Stonehenge is located in southern England, it is actually located in northern Salisbury, which is about an hour away. When you look at a map of England, you’ll understand why it’s important that you take a day or two to drive around the area. Many historic sites are scattered across Salisbury, including the cathedral, castle, museums and other attractions. 

Visitors often plan to spend a few days at Stonehenge, but I suggest that you allocate less time to the site and take advantage of the surrounding attractions instead. After your initial visit to Stonehenge, you might head north to the town of Amesbury, which contains several great historical sights, including the Amesbury Archery Museum. It is said that King Alfred of Wessex was hunting in the area when he came upon a large number of arrows, which led him to discover the remains of an ancient civilization. Today the museum displays artifacts found at the dig site, which were discovered in 1874. 

If you’re looking for something more active after touring Stonehenge, consider heading towards Lyme Regis. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs and lots of sea life. During the summer months, you’ll find plenty of things to do, including kayaking, walking, cycling, golfing and more. 

Another great attraction within driving distance from Stonehenge is Glastonbury Abbey, which dates back to the eighth century. Located in Somerset County, Glastonbury Abbey was built by monks from Ireland in the seventh century. In 1151, Henry II began rebuilding the abbey, and today it houses a fascinating collection of items dating back thousands of years. The abbey contains numerous religious relics, including the Holy Thorn Tree and a skull belonging to St. Joseph. 

Glastonbury Abbey also features a wonderful history museum that’s open daily (except Sundays) and includes a variety of exhibits, including paintings, tapestries, sculptures, jewelry, armor and more. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. 

Finally, if you’re interested in seeing some of the most impressive medieval buildings in England, you’ll want to visit Winchester Cathedral. Dating back to Saxon times, Winchester Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in England, and it still contains original stained glass windows and a magnificent array of artwork. Visitors are welcome to enter and explore the church freely, but photography is not permitted inside. Outside the church, however, visitors are allowed to snap pictures without being charged. 

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