Components Of Love And Romantic Relationships

Relationships are a vital part of our lives and play an integral role in the well-being of an individual. They lift you, bring you joy, and enable you to grow and learn more about yourself. Relationships should be positive, safe, and healthy. Although all relationships are pretty different, they have some common ground they share.

Romantic relationships are the hardest to take care of. You have to go through the commitment and work effort with a willingness to change and adapt according to your partner. Whether your relationship is new or for years, you need to take steps to maintain it. Even if you have been caught up in a few bad relationships, you can always find ways to connect, find joy, fulfillment, and be happy with your partner.

Making a happy relationship

Every relationship is not the same and is unique in its way. People come together for varied reasons, and you can develop your relationships by being completely honest and talking openly to each other.

The basic principles of a flowering relationship are the following:

  • Maintain that emotional connection

make your partner feel loved and emotionally fulfilled. See the difference between feeling loved and being loved. When you feel valued and accepted by your partner, you feel truly loved. When you know that someone is there who truly gets you, your relationship blooms.

  • Respectful disagreement

Don’t be the couple who gets caught in heated and passionate disagreements; instead, be the one to solve the problems calmly. It would help if you were not afraid of conflicts. You should be able to express what you feel without any fear, degradation, retaliation, or proving to be correct.

  • Keep the interest alive

No one is perfect despite the portrayal in movies and fiction. Too many expectations from your partner can put them under pressure. To maintain a healthy relationship, you must keep the interest alive for both your individuals and a couple.

Is sex vital for a healthy relationship?

As human beings, we have this need to be loved both physically and emotionally. It would be a complete lie if someone said that sex is not mandatory in maintaining a healthy and lively relationship. The romantic relationship between two individuals spark into stages, namely:

  • Lust – the scene is dominated by physical touch, sex, and sexual gratification.
  • Attraction – you start to spend time with your partner and be attentive to them at this stage.
  • Attachment – you connect and commit with your partner on a new level.

The latter stages don’t mean the absence of sexual gratification. It is equally important as you feel an intimate physical connection with your partner.

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