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Common Lower Back Pain Causes Experienced

You may be one of the millions of people who have suffered from lower back pain, but do you know what some of the most common lower back pain causes are? The lower back is literally what holds our whole body together. It carries most of our weight and when we walk, sit, lie down, or do just about anything if we do it incorrectly, our lower back will try to absorb the shock and prevent injury to the body. 

The lower back is also susceptible to injury because of all this. This is the reason back pain gymnastics is a serious issue as the movements involved with the sport are quite strenuous on the spine. When you know some of the more common lower back pain causes, you may find that you have an easier time healing yourself should you suffer from pain in this area and preventing injuries as well.

Some of the most common lower back pain causes are due to other areas of the body. For instance, if you have a kidney or bladder infection, it’s likely that you will feel pain in your lower back. The same is true for problems with the ovaries and appendicitis. 

When these organs are suffering from some type of problem, they will typically become inflamed and pain from them will radiate to the lower back. If you have been not feeling well and are also suffering from lower back pain, then you shouldn’t rule out a problem such as those mentioned.

Another one of the more common lower back pain causes is a bout of sciatica, which is a major nerve in the back. Often, when we become misaligned due to certain activities, the muscles in one side can pinch against the sciatic nerve, which will cause radiating pain down the leg and often into the foot. 

While many sciatica sufferers never report actually feeling pain in their lower back, this is still considered lower back pain and can often be debilitating if you do not seek to heal the source of the pain.

In addition to problems such as sciatica, the lower back is filled with all types of muscles and they work together to support the spine. Sometimes, when we suffer an injury that pulls our backs out of line, we will find that we have slipped a disc. 

Sometimes, the disc will work itself back into place, but other times the disc will rupture and this can be one of the most serious lower back pain causes because it often takes surgery to repair a problem such as this.

You shouldn’t get disheartened, though, because it turns out that the most common cause of lower back pain is simple overuse or misuse of the muscles down in that area. Since we typically will lift and move things using the strength in our backs and most of us don’t lift things properly, the muscles in the back often suffer from injuries. Most of the time these types of injuries are muscular and will heal with time, patience, and gentle care to the area with no help from you or you’re a medical professional.

If you do find that you are suffering from lower back pain, it’s a good idea to consider the causes. Remember that trauma can cause serious injury to the back; however, if you haven’t suffered from a fall or car accident, it could be unlikely that you are suffering from a serious injury and probably just have strained your back. 

In this case, you should rest your back for a day or two, alternating between heat and ice to bring down any swelling and ease pain due to tension. Gentle stretching exercises are often recommended, but you shouldn’t overdo it at first. Listen to your back and take it slow.