Gravity Bongs: A High-Flying Adventure in Smoking Culture

Smoking has long been a pastime for those looking to relax, explore their creative side and enjoy themselves. As technology progresses, so do the ways we can achieve these goals. With that being said, it’s no surprise that gravity bongs have impacted smoking culture. DopeBoo Gravity Bong is leading the charge in this realm as […]


Step By Step Guide On How A Person Can Clean The Beaker Bong In An Effective Manner

Beaker bongs are some of the most popular types of bongs out there. They’re cheap, easy to make and they look great in your home or on your patio. But you know what? The first couple of hits from a beaker are pretty rough for many people. You might have heard that it takes a […]

CBD Guide Shopping Vaping Vaporizer

Delta 8 Dosing: How Much Delta-8 Vape Cart Should I Take?

The distillate may not be distributed evenly throughout the flowers because delta-8 THC flowers may be more difficult to dose, but puff is a good starting dose. Consuming delta-8 regularly will build your tolerance up. It means the more often you take delta, the more likely to increase the dose to feel your desired effects, […]