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Buying A House Or The Condos- Which Is Better Option?

A condo is like a home without the land. It’s not as if you’re actually living in your own house, but instead in someone else’s property. Although it’s still in your name, you can’t do anything with that house except live in it. You can only sell it to another person when he wants to move out, or tear it down and build something new on the same plot of land. 

The difference between buying a condo and buying a home is the fact that a home is something permanent while a condo is temporary. You’ll be moving into this apartment for the rest of your life. This means that you should make sure that you’ve got enough money to pay for your condo. After all, it won’t matter much whether you have paid for your condo within 30 days or three months because once you’ve moved in, you’ll be paying rent every month. So you need to factor that in when you’re calculating how much you’ll have left over after paying for the mortgage (and other expenses). 

Another important consideration is that buying a condo will mean that you are responsible for making repairs to the building. If the roof leaks, for example, then you’ll be responsible for fixing it. 

Although most people don’t think about it, there are some advantages to living in condos – especially if you want to live close to the city center or somewhere where public transportation is available. In many places, the cost of living is cheaper in a condo than in a house. And since you’re not paying for land, you can get more space at a lower price. 

On the other hand, buying a condo may take longer than buying a house. You might find yourself waiting several years before you see any return on your investment. Also, while buying a house usually comes with an option to buy the lot next door, condos often come with fewer options. 

But whatever your reasons are for getting into a condo versus buying a house, here are some things to consider: 

Is a Condo Right For Me? 

You first need to decide what size condo you want and whether it’s right for you. The smaller it is, the less you’ll have to spend on maintenance fees and utilities. But if you plan on having children, you’ll also have to look at how large the unit is since children tend to need larger spaces than adults. 

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How Much Will I Have To Spend On A Condo? 

It’s always a good idea to check on the asking prices of nearby units so that you know roughly how much you ought to pay for a condo. Prices fluctuate depending on the location of the building and the condition of the units. But even though they vary from place to place, you shouldn’t be surprised if the average price of a condo is around $200 per square foot. That means that you could expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 for a studio condo to $40,000 for a two-bedroom unit. 

What Do I Need To Get Into? 

Once you know how much you can afford to pay for a condo, you’ll need to figure out what kind of condo you want to live in. Are you planning on living alone? Then you probably don’t need more than one bedroom. Or would you prefer to share one room with your partner? Then you’ll probably need a bigger unit. 

And although you may not need a full kitchen, you should definitely look into the possibility of having a kitchenette or even a small balcony. They don’t have to be extravagant, but they will make your condo feel a little more like home. 

Do I Want To Be Responsible For Repairs? 

If you plan on living in your condo for more than five years, then you’ll probably want to invest in a unit that has built-in features such as central air conditioning and heating systems. These kinds of amenities will make your condo more energy efficient and therefore save you money by cutting back on utility costs each month. 

If you don’t mind doing a little bit of work on your condo, however, then you shouldn’t worry too much about getting a unit that already includes these features. 

Do I Need To Move Quickly? 

Some people want to get into a condo quickly in order to find a suitable roommate. Others just want to start looking for a place to live so that they can get their deposit back as soon as possible. These people tend to want to buy a unit that’s ready for occupancy immediately. 

But there are other people who are willing to wait until they can find a better deal on a condo. In case you fall into the latter category, then you should look into the condition of the units that are currently on the market. In addition, you should also ask the real estate agents about what kind of construction problems there are with the building. 

Should I Buy My Own Lot? 

Even if you’re going to live in a condo, you may still want to buy a lot next to your building. Why? Because then you can use the extra space to grow vegetables, raise animals, or simply relax outside whenever you want. Some people even go so far as to turn their lots into mini-farms. 

Whether you choose to buy a condominium or a house, remember that you’re getting both ownership and a leasehold in either type of property. Your landlord owns the land, and the condo corporation owns the building. So even though you may be renting a portion of your own property, you still own the rest. 

Of course, renting a part of your own property does have its advantages. It gives you the flexibility to change your monthly payment as needed without having to worry about selling the house or putting it up for sale. But if you want to buy a condo, you should keep in mind that you may eventually end up owning the entire building. 

So which way is best? The answer depends on exactly what you want out of your housing situation. If you’re looking to save money, then you’ll probably want to buy a condo. If you plan on having kids, then you’ll probably want to buy a house. If you want to be able to expand your property, then you’ll probably want to buy the land. 

Whatever you choose, remember that you’ll always have to put in some effort in order to make it run smoothly. Whether you buy a condo or a house, you’ll have to pay for repairs, maintain the property, and deal with issues that crop up as you try to live there. But there are ways to make your condo experience easier and more enjoyable.