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5 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Tarot Readings

If you’ve never had a Tarot reading before, then you may not know what to expect. I wanted to give you a few tips on how to make the experience exciting and memorable!

The tigers eye meaning the stone of protection. It will bring good luck for the people and more power to the mind. The promotion of the mental clarity is also possible for the resolving of the problems. The including of the emotions is also essential to have the desired results in the mental health of the people. 

1) Be clear on what you want to know and ask a question.

There are some readers who do “Blind Readings” and don’t want you to say anything at the beginning of the reading. For them, the less they know about you or the situation the better. However, most readers actually appreciate it when you have a particular question in mind or a topic you want to know more about. When you sit down and just want to know anything, then what the reader gets may not be very specific. This is called a General Reading. It’s like going to the grocery story and asking someone else to fill up your cart with whatever they want. You may have something you’d like to know, but your reader may feel like something else is more important if you didn’t provide them with a direction or topic of interest to you.

2) Every reader has a different intuitive skillset and may not be a match for you.

When it comes to readers, we all have different intuitive gifts and talents. Some will refer to themselves as psychic, intuitive, or mediums. There are a few subtle differences to help you choose the best match for you.

Psychics may have a reading style that is often more predictive in nature while many intuitive readers use spiritual guidance or counseling. Yes, some predictive information generally comes through, but the reading is more about guiding you through your situation. Mediums often work with earthbound spirits or communicate with those who have crossed over. They are best suited if you’d like to know about deceased loved ones or communicate with them. Many readers are adept at both intuitive/psychic readings in addition to being a medium.

3) Take notes!

I encourage my clients to take notes during our readings. I often give my clients timing references, and you may want to check your progress and review the information. Also, you may be so engrossed in the reading that you can’t quite remember what was said when it’s over! Another thing that frequently happens is that you hear information that doesn’t make sense to you during the time of the reading. However, it may be something that is yet to happen (predictive in nature) or just doesn’t ring a bell until later.

For example, I once had a reading where the reader was telling me about my brother and kept getting a vision of a crab. He asked if he lived in New England (He didn’t then, but he does now!), was a fisherman etc. Nothing he was saying was “right”. So, he left the topic and moved on to something else. About 5-10 minutes later, we were talking about another topic and it suddenly dawned on me that my brother is a Cancer. Hence, the crab!!! The reader was getting validation that his vision was about my brother through the crab reference, but it didn’t make sense to me in the moment. By taking notes, you may have more “A-ha” moments later.

4) Be open-minded

Tarot is interesting in that it answers the question of the heart and not necessarily the one of your mind. If you’re trying to decide between 2 questions, Tarot will tune into the one you REALLY want to know about deep in your heart of hearts. So, ask the one you really want to know first!

The more open you are to what information is coming through, the easier your reader can connect and deliver the message. Fear or skepticism can often block a good connection, and it can make your reading more challenging. Also, your reader may deliver what you NEED to hear and not necessarily what you WANT to hear. A good, ethical reader will deliver the message as it is without keeping the truth from you.

5) In-person readings aren’t necessarily better than readings by phone or online.

For any good reader, distance is no barrier to a good connection with your client. The quality of your reading will be the same. In some cases, your reading may even be better by phone or video! This is because readers often practice in their own homes where they can keep distractions to a minimum and aren’t exposed to the energy of other people coming and going. Being in their own environment often allows the reader to connect with their guides more deeply than in a public place.

Bonus Tip!

With the abundance of Tarot books and classes out there, many people are discovering the joys of Tarot! While that’s a wonderful thing, a beginner won’t be as skilled as an experienced reader. Some beginners will give free readings in exchange for feedback (a clear sign someone is new) or charge lower prices while they gain experience. Also, an experienced reader will NEVER read from a guidebook during your reading!! This is often a sign that your reader has very little experience and hasn’t learned to trust the power of their own intuition. Hence, the quality of your reading may suffer.